Garden Essentials

Keep your bulbs healthy and flowering beautifully with our top quality Slow Release Fertiliser, Fish & Seaweed Fertiliser or our 3-in-1 insecticide, fungicide and fertiliser.

Make planting and weeding a breeze with a New Zealand made Hookoe- hook shaped hand hoe.

When you’ve finished in the garden our beautifully scented Gardener’s Soap will get your hands looking and smelling great.

Fish & Seaweed Fertiliser
This granulated slow release formula contains beneficial living microbes and all the micronutrients and minerals your plants need to thrive. A more natural alternative to synthetic fertilisers.
500g for $5
1kg for $9

Slow Release Fertiliser
General balanced slow release fertiliser.
Suitable for all bulbs.
250g packs.
1 for $3
2 for $5

Combat 3 in 1
An insecticide, fungicide and fertiliser with minerals and trace elements essential for healthy plants. Great for lilies and roses. Bee friendly.
$24 for 500ml
(makes up to 100L)

The perfect multipurpose tool for loosening soil, removing weeds and planting seeds/bulbs.
Hand made in New Zealand.
Standard (130mm) handle $39
Long (180mm) handle $49

Gardener’s Soap
Great for removing dirt with crushed hemp seed exfoliant.
Gentle on hands. Smells wonderful with bergamont and rosemary essential oils. Makes a lovely gift. Hand made in Mid-Canterbury.
1 for $6
2 for $10