Spring/Summer flowering.
Paeonies also like a well prepared garden bed, they also like there own space, too much shade in a woodland garden will sometimes stop them flowering, some of our North Island friends put a bucket of ice on them around the shortest day, (To Chill).
We here in the South Island dont need to do this, our Winters are sufficient. Always watch for Aphids and Botrytis, this is a seasonal condition with some years a problem and other growing seasons there's no issues.

Alexander Fleming

Beautiful pink, another superb paeony, strong stems and outstanding in the garden.
$30 each

Bridal Gown

White with hint of cream
at base, Bomb shaped,
double white, scented.
Mid season flowering, medium height
$35 each

Coral Sunset

Coral and rose coloured flowers
accentedby full, deep yellow
stamen centres, scented.
Mid season flowering
$20 each

Duchess de Nemours

Fragrant, fully double, white
petals with lemony centre
Mid season flowering
$35 each

Else Sass

Fully double white with a veil
of pink, large velvety blooms, sweet fragrance.
Late season flowering, medium height
$30 each

Karl Rosenfeld

Deep crimson fully
double blooms.
Mid season flowering
$18 each


Fully double scarlet red
sometimes with a show of
bright yellow stamens.
Mid season flowering, medium height
$35 each


Lemon yellow flowers with deep yellow stamens.
Mid season flowering
$35 each
limited numbers

Red Charm

Striking deep red with
abundant ruffled petals.
Early season flowering
$30 each

Sarah Bernhardt

Fragrant, rose-pink double flowers with ruffled inner petals.
Late season flowering
$18 each

Shirley Temple

Large, pale pink, double flowers
gently fading to buff-white.
Late season flowering
$18 each

Did You Know?
Paeonies give great colour and are true show stoppers. Each plant sends out multiple stems of blooms which also make fantastic cut flowers.
Cut them at bud stage and they will open in the vase.
Paeonies don’t like competition around their roots so are best planted away from large trees and shrubs. Do not bury Paeony Roots to deep. Spring/Summer flowering.