The Collector's Corner
Maples, Trees and Shrubs
These need nice free draining soils (like Lilies), They do not like wet heavy soils, they spend there first 2 seasons getting their roots established. Drought in Canterbury will affect there roots, avoid drought stress with weekly watering if these conditions occur. All of our maples will be sent out bare rooted late May early June. Approx grade is 20-30cm.

Acer Pensylvaticum

Snake bark maple
Narrow habit, green leaves turning yellow in the Autumn. 
Striped trunk. Up to 5m.
3 year old seedlings
$12 each

Acer Villa Toranto

This line is also showing a nice selection of fine leaved maples, again a smaller growing Japanese maple suitable in both the garden and large pots.
3 year old seedlings

Acer Okagame

Grown from our stock, a very even grade of nice purple leaved maples.  Smaller growing, only 3m high after 15 years.
3 year old seedlings
$18 each

Did You Know?

Maples make fantastic specimen trees in your garden, as well as adding great Autumn colour. Plant them in an area where they are protected by strong winds as to prevent the leaves burning. Maples will be sent out bare rooted –all in late May early June.
Hydrangeas and winter sweet both make great cut flowers, and hydrangeas can be dried.
The ‘flowers’ on the Cornus are actually bracts, it’s the small middle bit that is the true flower. These flowers start yellow, fading to a creamy white in early Summer. The fruits then form in early Autumn.
Make a statement by planting Black Mondo grass with white tulips and lilies. These plants all come in 7cm tubes.

Cornus capitata

Yellow Dogwood
Evergreen Small Tree, grown from Dads garden these seedlings come off a nice yellow flowering form producing strawberry fleshy fruit which the birds love.
$9 each

Chimonanthus praecox

Winter sweet
Deciduous shrub producing lovely scented yellow flowers late winter.

Hydrangea White

Grown from Dads garden. This is a lovely form, not too large a flower.

Viburnum Plicatum

Evergreen compact shrub, fine appearance in foliage and small soft flowers.
$10 each

Viburnum Propinquim

Evergreen viburnum, lovely pinate leaves. An attractive shrub.
$12 each
limited numbers

Myrtus Ugni

(Cranberry) Evergreen shrub, fragrant plant. Edible berries.
$7 each

Koelreuteria Paniculata

Golden Rain Tree

Small/slow growing tree around 4-5m when mature.  Attractive golden flowers, slow growing, drought tolerant.
$15 each
limited numbers

Decaisnea Fargesii

Blue Sausage Tree
A small tree/large shrub with lovely foliage and blue sausage shaped seed pods. Suits a cooler site. Unusual and interesting.

Hellebores and Perennials

Sedum Autumn Joy

Herbaceous perennial with large plumes of pink flowers in Spring.
$6 each or 3 for $15

Red tree peony

Lovely herbaceous plant with stunning flowers.
1-2m in height.
4 year old seedlings

Mixed Hellebores

A selection of mixed colours, these are a winter delight as well as attractive foliage making a great ground cover.
$6 each or 3 for $15


Pink Lily of the Valley

These will establish quickly and are very hardy.  Fragrant.

Convallaria Majali

Lily of the Valley
Lovely low growing perennial dainty white flowers. Well loved and admired. Fragrant.
$6 each or 3 for $15